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. Water-intense industries, such as paper making, have to face the challenge of increasing costs for water and to protect water and environmental resources. Water management has developed a great deal during the last decade. New ways for water treatment can solve industrial and environmental problems at relatively low costs. Our business develops individually tailored solutions for freshwater management, water circles and industrial effluents.

The so-called LIMETRAP¨ developed by Kowitec for instance guarantees the re-usage of biologically cleaned effluents for the production process. Multiple use of water proves to be useful, not only environmentally, but also economically.



The Lime Trap technology builds on the elimination of lime from bio effluents or processed water developed by Kowitec.

Advantages of the Lime trap on a glimpse:

  • Online-reduction of lime loads
  • Protection against lime precipitates inside the pipes
  • Relief of secondary systems
  • Re-usage of biowater

The KOWISOL®-process

This procedure developed by KOWITEC can be used to control microbiological activity within water systems in an ecological manner.

Basically, this large scale in situ process works via bio-toxins produced by electrochemical oxidation of different mineralogical mixtures within water systems.

Advantages of this procedure are:

  • ecological treatment of biotoxins
  • no supply, storage and dealing with chemicals classified as hazardous (WGK 1)
  • no nuisance by odours
  • no corrosion caused by emissions of biotoxins or biotoxic powders
  • no AOX-freights
  • no side components, such as chlorine-, carbon-, or nitrogen combinations

Development of the KOWISOL-procedure was founded by the European Union and the Federal State of Brandenburg

  founded by the European Union

Process of large scale decolourization of waste water

Energy costs escalating continuously as well as a growing sense concerning the careful use of the resource water lead to a steady increase in the requirement of scientific processes to a constant decolourization of production waters and biologically cleaned waste waters that can be brought back to the production cycle.

KOWITEC developed different combinations of processes for the manufacturing of decolouring reaction mechanisms according to the found colour compounds of the water:

  • decolourization by means of cathode reduction through reactor technology
  • decolourization by means of anode oxidizing reactions
  • decolourization by means of adsorption agents
  • decolourization by means of a combination of different chemical aids/decolourization cascade

The combination of the given decolourization elements is an instrument with which you can influence the decisive parameters of the clear water specifically which makes the return of the cleaned wast water into the production process possible.

The development of this process was supported with funds of the European Union and the Federal State Brandenburg.

  founded by the European Union

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