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Kowitec Company for Water Techniques (mbH), represented by Christoph Gundlach, Leonhardstraße 21, 18057 Rostock, is responsible for all sites under this domain according to the governmental media treaty.

Data Safety

Kowitec Company takes the safety of your data very seriously. We strictly obey laws protecting private data. Your personal data are asked for on this website only to the amount necessary to contact you back and to understand your problem. In no case we will sell any data or deliver them to third parties.

Data Treatment on this Website

Kowitec Company asks and stores data your browser provided automatically onto our server log-files, such as:

  • type of browser / version
  • the type of your operating system
  • URL of reference (the website you visited before our)
  • Host-identification of your PC (IP-address)
  • Time of your request

We cannot match data of these kind to certain persons and/or individuals. Data will be deletd after statistical analyses on them. Our server does not use cookies.

Right of information

Users of this website do have the right to get informations about their data stored at any time. We will give you information about the proposal of data storage, the data itself, their provenience and how they were received by us. For information, please contact us.

Further information

Your trust means a lot to us. We will answer your requests regarding the treatment of your individual data at any time. In case you have questions not answered by this declaration; or if you wish to get more information on certain points, please contact us.

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